Your In-House Content Marketing Team

Coquí Prose creates high quality content marketing designed to wow your customers.
Types of Content Marketing we offer:
• Articles
• Books (eBooks, includes layout & design)
• Blogs
• Copywriting and web copy
• Editing & proofreading

We are available for ghostwriting projects and byline work.

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Complementary services we offer our clients

In addition to content marketing, Coquí Prose offers a unique service. Imagine having someone who writes copy, markets your company like a pro, manages all of your projects and is also your personal assistant who can manage your calendar, book travel and create expense reports.

Complementary services we offer:
• Marketing, marketing communications
• Social media management
• Research
• Newsletters
• Project management

We offer expertise in:
• Microsoft Office Suite
• Microsoft Access
• Infusionsoft

My name is Sarah, I'm the owner of Coquí Prose, and by clicking on any of the portfolio pages below, you'll learn why our clients partner with us for years.



Many people know me as the owner of the top ranked freelance writing team on Elance—but I am also a prolific client who often uses Elance to hire freelancers. And like most clients on Elance, I have made a few mistakes when posting jobs and hiring freelancers. Over time I have learned the fastest, smartest […]


My weight has been an issue for many years. It’s been my nemesis, if you will. I lose; I gain. I gain; I lose. I lose; I gain. As an adult I have fluctuated between 150 and as much as 210 pounds three times in my life. Rarely has it taken me more than six […]

Business woman giving man middle finger

Can we stand to hear one more Millennial-related trend? It seems it’s always the Millennials who are getting the attention. Now it’s in the area of careers and professions and what they want out of a job. But one day it’s going to be the Millennials supporting this country, so we may be interested to […]

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