Your In-House Content Marketing Team

Coquí Prose is a full service content marketing agency. We are not a content factory that churns out mindless streams of gobbledygook. Everything we produce is specific to your needs.
Types of Content Marketing we offer:
• Web copy, articles and blogs
• eBook and newsletter creation
• Graphic design (including logos, animation & print)
• Layout & design
• Web design & programming
• Social media marketing
• Marketing communications
• Executive level administration

Says one happy client: "This is an exceptionally reliable group. Sarah's well-rounded team means I will always have what I want, when I want it."

Although we accept the occasional one-off job if it looks fun and exciting, our preference is to partner with clients long-term.

Below is our portfolio of work, which includes case studies of some of our long-term partnerships with clients.

My name is Sarah and as the owner of Coquí Prose Content Marketing, I invite you to find out why our clients partner with us for months and even years. To learn more, please click on the Our Services tab

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