Freelancing has exploded throughout the business world over the last decade, but if you’re used to the traditional model of work it may be hard to make that transition to hiring contractors. The idea is a little scary if you have never worked with freelancers before. Where do you find them? How do you know you can trust them? It may seem risky, but there are several reasons you should jump into the pool and take on a freelancing team to get some of your work done.

1. You get vetted freelancers. 

There are plenty of freelancers who work independently, and many of those are reliable and experts at what they do, but other freelancers work in teams. When you work with a team, you take on less risk of hiring an individual who turns out to be a dud. If the idea of hiring some random person who seems to have good reviews, a team is a better option for you.

2. You get flexibility with a freelance team.

Working with freelancers gives you and your business a level of flexibility you can’t get with employees. You hire a freelancer, even a whole professional team of freelancers, on a per-project basis. You don’t have to go through the whole rigmarole of HR procedures to get them hired, and when the project is done you can easily part ways or assign another task. Freelancers also help you to be flexible as your workload goes up and down. You have a core in-house team, and when you get busy you can take on freelancers to supplement them. When times slow down, instead of having full-time employees with nothing to do, you let your freelancers go.

3. A freelance team will save you money.

The hourly rate of an excellent freelance team can be high, but you’ll still end up saving money. The overall cost of getting a freelance team on a project versus your in-house, full-time team is typically less. Full-time employees cost you money in terms of benefits, office space and office equipment. Freelancers take on those expenses themselves.   

4. Get access to a new pool of talent.

Your in-house team may be good, but they are bound to have limitations. Using freelancers means getting access to a world full of new talent. You can fill in skill gaps in your team with freelancers. With a team of freelancers, you have a ready-made pool of diverse, talented workers from which to draw. The team leader has already collected a great team for you, so that you only need look in one place.

5. A freelance team can focus on one project.

Your in-house team may be capable of completing a certain project, but they may also have other regular duties that distract them from the task. With a freelance team, you get complete focus on the project at hand and you get workers who may have specific expertise and who can focus in on one area of a job that needs to get done.

6. Outsiders bring a fresh perspective.

Your regular employees know your product or service, and they know it well. This is an advantage in many ways, but the curse of knowledge can also be a disadvantage. It’s possible to get too close to something, and that can translate to the customer. A freelance team gives you a fresh perspective on what you’re selling, a perspective that your potential new customers share.

7. You don’t have to make a huge commitment.

Hiring employees is a commitment. You put a lot into hiring people, and letting them go can hurt. The hiring and firing processes take up time, money and energy. If you hire freelancing teams to get some of your work done, you eliminate much of that. If you weren’t happy with the end result of a project completed by a freelancer, you don’t have to fire them. Just don’t give them any more work.


If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to get on board and start working with freelancers. This isn’t a trend that will go away. Freelancing is an efficient way to work that gives both businesses and the contractors a flexible and effective way to work. Join the movement and see how a freelance team could benefit your business.