storytellingContent marketing relies on the inherent richness of the written and/or spoken word to transmit messages that are meaningful, memorable and compelling. Whereas Claude Rains possessed the power of invisibility, top-quality content marketing possesses the power of irresistibility, carrying the entranced reader, watcher or listener along for a ride that will change their lives for the better.

But sadly, content marketing productions don’t always do this. All too often, they fall flat. They’re the equivalent of a can of soda that’s been left open in the sun for hours. The form is right but the taste and the fizzle are missing. Everything may have looked good on the drawing board, but in the real world something vital was missing.

So why does this happen? When websites are densely packed with the most wondrous eye-capturing graphics and imagery, the most poetic and imaginative prose and some of the most inspiring sales pitches the Internet has seen in all the years since it was first invented by Al Gore, how do site visitors manage to resist the temptation to become regular customers?

The answer is actually quite simple. In the immortal words of Strother Martin, from the classic movie “Cool Hand Luke,” what we have here is … failure to communicate. The content marketers provided brilliance instead of empathy, or more precisely, brilliance that lacked empathy. Web searchers with time and money to spend, and an inclination to spend it, want to know the people speaking (and trying to sell) to them have walked a mile in their shoes and can see things from their perspective. If a site’s voice seems to be speaking to someone else, no real connection will be made and no meaningful communication will take place.

Entertainment value is important. But it doesn’t mean much unless the content that provides it tells a relevant story. In this business, content marketing strategy is the bow, its products are the arrows and the hearts and minds of its intended audience are the targets. The whole enchilada has to resonate with those who are reading, listening or watching; if it doesn’t, the message will arrive postage due and will be returned to the sender unopened.

What’s Your Story? And Why Should Anyone Care?

StorytellingSalesmanship is synonymous with storytelling, especially when you are working online. The goods, services, concepts, ideas, information and/or experiences you package won’t sell themselves, and if you want movement, the story your site tells must engage, excite and persuade, preferably in that order.

You can’t force yourself on anyone, however, no matter how hard you try. Potential clients will consider what you have to say and pay attention to how you say it. But they won’t award you style points and won’t hire you or buy from you based on your site’s wit, charm or sparkling personality. Before forming a relationship with you, what they really want to know is what’s in it for them—not from a crass, self-centered perspective, but as pragmatic human beings with specific needs and requirements.

When we emphasize the importance of storytelling, we acknowledge the entertainment factor, and every member of the full service content marketing agency you choose to help you upgrade your website will work hard to bring the fun (“when people are smiling, they’re buying”—that’s an old content marketing aphorism I just made up). But potential clients won’t become actual clients unless you explain exactly how you can help them improve their lives, regardless of how entertained they are by a visit to your site.

Mastering This Art Means Becoming the Master of Your FateStorytelling

At Coquí Content Marketing, we know exactly how the game is played, since we have been playing it—successfully—for quite some time. Working together with you and your team, we will brainstorm to identify your assets and most important selling points. Embracing the broader empathetic view, we will put together a comprehensive package of entertaining and interesting content that promotes your exceptional offerings sensibly and in terms your intended audience will understand (that whole ‘bow, arrow and target thing’ is second nature to us).

Telling a story that entertains as it informs and connects is a challenge. But you must strive to meet that challenge if you’re serious about putting wings on your products, services or ideas and allowing them to take flight. We would like nothing better than to serve as your co-pilots on this journey, using our full-service content marketing skills to help you create a story of success that can inspire others to reach for the stars.

Yes, the story of how you chose to tell your story could someday make a fantastic story itself. And we’ll be glad to help you tell that one, too—but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.